December 27.2013 – Mama And God Are Throwing Pennies From Heaven – By Robynn S. Jaymes

I’ve kept this story in my heart until a few days ago. I was talking to a woman who was going

through a similar loss and I felt compelled to share it with her. She said she was so thankful that I did.

The night my mother slipped away from this world, through my grief and mourning – somewhere in the back of my mind there was this story, or poem that kept trying to find it’s way through. I kept remember reading something about pennies from Heaven.

I had gone back to the hotel that night, full of pain and emptiness. Still, this poem was getting

the better of me, so in the middle of my hurting, I looked it up on the net. It goes like this;

I found a penny

All shiny and new

I found a shiny penny

And I know it’s from you.

You can’t be here

I know that’s true

But I appreciate the fact

That I am reminded of you.

Pennies from Heaven

They drop to the ground

To remind us of loved ones

Who once were around.

So next time you see one

Laying there all alone

Pick it up and smile

For you know from where it was thrown!

The author was anonymous. After I read this poem, I decided to go down the hall and get a soft drink from the vending machine.

As I walked down the hall, my heart was so heavy and I was staring at the ground, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. And as I was approaching that vending machine, looking down, I could see something kind of shimmer. As I drew closer, I saw a penny and I got chills. And when I got completely to the machine, there on the ground were 14 pennies!!

I knelt at that vending machine picking up those pennies, sobbing, and thanking God and my mom for this amazing message.

It hasn’t stopped there. Ever since then, I find pennies in places where they weren’t before. I see them everywhere now, on the ground, on counters, in so many random places and so it seems, in moments when I need reassurance the most.

It’s a pretty cool when you stop and think about it. My God and my Mom are tossing pennies to me from Heaven.
~ Robynn S. Jaymes

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About Robynn

Robynn Jaymes has spent her whole life in radio… 30 years!! And almost half of them have been at Star Country. Originally from Cincinnati, Robynn came to the area as a Liberty University student. Along with all things country music, Robynn is a big fan of Football!—The Virginia Tech Hokies, The Washington Redskins and, of course, the Cincinnati Bengals. And also, “I’m addicted to the Weather Channel,” she says. Right now, Robynn is a big fan if the music coming from Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney! Robynn is also a winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year award. Hear all new Warm & Fuzzies with Robynn M-F at 11:45AM!

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