April 14.2016 – Little Ways To Beat The Blues by Demar Regier

Hear your Warm and Fuzzy here!

Don’t even think of staying in bed.
•Open a window. Say thanks to the day
•Skip grooming? Never!
•Resolve to accomplish one thing today.
•Spend time with nature: feed the birds, tend flowers, etc.
•Call a friend just to chat.
•Do something social. (Buying groceries qualifies.)
•Ask a neighbor to go for a walk.
•“Fluff” your house to look nice.
•Do at least one thing you look forward to each dat.
•Say thank you at every opportunity.
•Volunteer for something you enjoy.
•Give compliments
•Know that every day contains a small miracle. Your job is to find it.
-DeMar Regier

Excerpt from “Back To Joy, Little Reminders to Help Us Through Tough Times.” June Cotner

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