March 19.2015 – Story Behind “Home” by Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley Home

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The second single from Dierks Bentley’s sixth Capitol Nashville album of the same name. was penned by the singer with Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers.

The three songwriters were working on a lyric for another tune when Bentley was called away by his wife asking for help starting her car. Dan Wilson spoke about the origins of the song in a ASCAP interview: “I think Brett started strumming something and I might have played a chord on the piano, and in about five minutes, we had the verse melody, which was mostly Brett, but I think it was inspired by the piano,” he said. “When Dierks came back in, we played him this thing. And he said, ‘when did you come up with that?'”

Bentley told NPR that the first thing he thought of when he started writing this song was the 2011 shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona. Dierks, who is a native of Arizona, wanted to write a song that was about the anger he felt, as well as the need for healing.

The stirring, patriotic video shows a variety of images capturing different aspects of Dierks’ home country. “Home means so many things to so many different people,” he said. “For my dad, who fought in World War II, it means one thing, and for my daughter, it means something as simple as playing in the park with her friends. For this video, we wanted to incorporate iconic images of America, but also capture the spirit of our country and the things that make it great.”

This single by the Arizona-born Bentley was chosen as the official song for his home state’s centennial celebration.

This became Bentley’s ninth country #1 single when it climbed to the top position of Billboard’s Country Songs chart dated March 24, 2012.

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West on a plane bound west I see her stretching out below
Land blessed motherland the place where I was born
Scars yeah, she’s got her scars sometimes it starts to worry me
‘Cause lose, I don’t wanna lose sight of who we are

From the mountains high to the wave-crashed coast
There’s a way to find better days I know
It’s been a long hard ride, got a ways to go
But this is still the place, that we all call home

Free, nothing feels like free
Though it sometimes means we don’t get along
‘Cause same, no we’re not the same
But that’s what makes us strong

From the mountains high, to the wave-crashed coast
There’s a way to find, better days I know
It’s been a long hard ride, got a ways to go
But this is still the place that we all call home oh yeah

Brave got it call it brave to chase that dream across the sea
Names then they sign their names for something they believe
Red how the blood ran red and we laid our dead in sacred ground
Just think wonder what they’d think if they could see us now

It’s been a long hard ride, got a ways to go
But this is still the place, that we all call home
It’s been a long hard ride and I won’t lose hope
This is still the place that we all call home

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