October 28.2013- The Rat Race – Excerpt from “Quiet Mind” by David Kundtz

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“The trouble with the rat race is even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

The metaphor of the rat race as a way to talk about the nature of contemporary life is instructive. I wonder about its origin. And just what is a rat race? I picture a maze in some scientific laboratory with a dozen rodents scrambling in all directions, trying with great frustration to find their way to freedom. Is that a rat race? Did anyone tell the rats they were in a race? Is there really a winner in a rat race?

And that we should choose this metaphor as a way to talk about the way we live our lives is…what? Alarming? “Well, we’ve got to go get going and join the rat race.” We do?

The metaphors we use not only reflect the way we live, but create the way we live. If we call life a rat race, it will tend to become one.

So let’s change the metaphors. Here are a few more suggestions:

Life is a cat prowl. I envision slow and careful steps, a calm awareness of what is going
on in my neighborhood, and a pace that suits my needs.

Life is a dog walk. I move now with lively interest, with stoppings and goings, encounters other dogs, trees, and
people, always ready to respond to a friendly petting.

Life is a fox trot. Here is a bouncy-stepped way to dance through life. Find a partner! You
can always sit the next one out.

Life is a monkey march. Life is a pony canter. Life is a whale breach. Life is a swallow soar.

Life is a pig parade. Life is an elephant lope. Life is a bear excursion!

“Spend a quiet time today and pick your metaphor for life’s journey!”
Written by David Kundzt, excerpt from his book, “Quiet Mind”

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