November 1.2013 – Permission Slip – Written by Regina Brett

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Consider this your official permission slip to take better care of you. The care and feeding of you is up to you and no one else.

Dr. Michael McKee offers a few solutions…

1. Take Care of Yourself: Don’t have a double standard. Don’t respect your commitments to yourself less than you do your commitments to others. Don’t give yourself away so there’s nothing left of you for you. Don’t pencil in time for you, put in in ink.

2. Take Five: Stop and take five minutes to get calm, centered, and clear. Before picking up the kids after work or stopping at the store, sit in the car and be still. Reboot. You’ll make better decisions and discover you really aren’t the axis on which the world spins. What a relief.

3. Take six breaths a minute: I suck at breathing. Dr. McKee suggested talking just six breaths every minute. Inhale for five seconds, then spend five seconds exhaling. Try it. It’s amazing.

4. Take it back: Don’t hand the remote control of your emotions to others. No more blaming: “That guy is driving me nuts…My boss is giving me an ulcer…The kids are giving me a migraine.” Take back the remote and keep pressing CALM. You can’t control what other’s do, but you can control your emotional reaction to them.

5. Take a breather all through the day: Pick cues for practicing your new breathing, like when you’re stopped at a light, get an email from your boss, or have to wait in line at the store. Take one or two ten-second abdominal breaths and say to yourself, “All is well, all is well.”

6. Take a pleasure cruise: Every week set aside one hour for you. Make it your own personal pleasure cruise. Take an hour of beauty and go to the art museum, a jewerly gallery, or visit a flower shop. Take an hour of calm and listen to your favorite music, read a favorite poet, use your favorite bubble bath. Take an hour of nature and soak up the sun, the sound of rain, the glimmer of stars. If you can’t do 60 minutes straight, give yourself three-20 minute gifts of pleasure.

7. Take a blessing inventory: When you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic, look around and make a quick gratitude check. The car next to you is held together by duct tape. Ah. Be grateful for your car. The car in front has three screaming children. Om. Be grateful for the silence inside your car.

8. Take a short view: See life as a series of sprints, not one long endless marathon with no end in sight. In between the series of jaunts, rest and renew.

Aristotle separated the world into thinking, feeling and doing. Dr. McKee said to manage stress well, one has to change in each of those domains. My favorite Aristotle quote is this: “We are what we repeatedly do.” Try to make it a habit to love yourself as much as you do everyone else.

Excerpt from the Regina Brett book, “Be The Miracle”

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