June 12.2014 – People Matter by Steve Goodier

I thought this was a particularly neat story. People do matter, and we just want to know that we do. Thanks to Steve
Goodier for the message. ~ Robynn

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I know we can’t ensure others will show they care in the way we expect, though we all want to know that people do care. Maybe it’s about being assured that we are not alone in this world. For that reason, we are drawn to those who make us feel as if we matter.

My grandmother was such a person. She was someone who made me feel important to her. She lived far away, so visits were special. When we got together she acted as if she truly missed me. Some days she would slip me little gifts – like chewing gum, a homemade cookie or money “so you can buy yourself a treat.” She once whispered that I was her favorite. (I now have evidence that she said the same thing to each of her grandchildren, which still causes me to chuckle.) She made the effort to be present at the important times in my life.

I don’t remember her ever telling me how much she cared about me. It just wasn’t her way. She wasn’t gushy and she didn’t often say those things to people. But she told me how she felt in a different way – she noticed me. She paid attention to me. I felt as if I were a piece in her life puzzle and she would notice if I were missing or didn’t fit in just right. And my awareness of this made a huge difference.

I wonder what would happen if I set out to make everyone in my presence feel as I felt around my grandmother – like they matter. How would that change the way I treat others and what difference might it make to them?

Who doesn’t want to know that we notice them and value them? And who might respond to us better when they feel that they matter?

It probably cannot be overstated – it matters…that people matter.
— Steve Goodier

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