January 26.2016 – Getting Even by Zig Ziglar

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“One of these days I’m going to get even with you!” is a statement all of us are familiar with. People are either threatening to or actually getting even with others. The problem with getting even is that we will never get ahead, which most of want to do.

I love the story of what happened during the days of the Berlin Wall. One day some of the East Berliners decided they were going to send their West Berlin adversaries a little “gift.” They loaded a dump truck with garbage, broken bricks, stones, building material, and anything else with zero value. They drove the truck across the border, gained clearance, and dumped it on the West Berlin side.

Needless to say, the West Berliners were incensed and were going to “get even” with them. They were going to “pay them back.” Fortunately, a very wise man intervened and gave entirely different counsel. As a result, they responded and loaded a dump truck with food (which was scarce in East Berlin), clothing (which was also scarce), medical supplies (which was even scarcer), and a host of other essential items. They took the truck across the border, carefully unloaded it all, and left a neat sign that read, “Each gives according to his ability to give.”

The West Berliners had taken Booker T. Washington’s philosophy literally: ” I will permit not man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” The Bible says that when you repay evil with good, you “heap coals of fire” on the other person’s head. In biblical times, heaping coals of fire on an enemy’s head was an act that the Lord rewarded. It makes you smile as you wonder how the East Berliners felt, along with the gratitude for the much-needed supplies. I’m willing to wager that they were somewhat embarrassed at their own attitudes.

The message: Kill ’em with kindness. Don’t return evil in like kind. Be better than that.

Written by Zig Ziglar
Excerpt from the book “Something To Smile About”

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