March 11.2015 – Do All The Good You Can- By Steve Goodier

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Someone advised, “If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.”

You’ve probably heard it said that it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice. And there’s truth in that. But isn’t there something even more important than being nice? More important even that being good? What about DOING good? What about standing up and being counted? When courageous people take unpopular stances, they aren’t always seen by their opposition in a soft and gentle light.

I don’t think it was never put better by anyone than by eighteenth century church reformer John Wesley.
“Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.”

What if we tried to live by the motto: DO all the good you can? Now, THAT would be nice.
— Steve Goodier

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