December 29.2014 – Forgiveness By Monica Parikh

Although difficult, the process of forgiveness — of letting go (of hurt, anger, and blame) — allows us to live life with an open and joyful heart. When we radiate peace, we invite better relationships into our life.
In 2015, I challenge you to forgive …

1. Believe that you have the capacity to let go.
Make a mental decision to remain open-hearted and loving. Work diligently toward compassion. Forsake bitterness, unkind words, retribution, and revenge. Part of forgiveness is getting over that first mental hump — the one that tells you that you still should hold onto anger. After all, to forgive is to show vulnerability on some level. But that vulnerability is empowering, and liberating.

2. Give yourself time and space to heal.
Forgiveness (and grief) has its own timeline. And this timeline differs from person to person.
So be willing to explore a slew of complicated emotions: anger, betrayal, loss, self-hate, and sadness. Let go of expectations and give your body and mind the space to process everything, so that you may heal.

3. Find a physical practice.
Bodies are meant to move. Pick an activity you enjoy and practice it as a regularly. Take notice of the physical, emotional and mental changes that occur from the ongoing effort. Moving your body can function as a kind of meditation, allowing you to have a deliberate time to take space from negative emotions and be in the present with yourself.

4. Meditate or pray.
Give yourself space to breath daily. Go inward. Get quiet. If you meditate and pray on forgiveness diligently, love, compassion and empathy grow in those very places where contempt, judgment and hurt previously had left your heart barren.

5. Let go of what was supposed to be. Embrace what is.
We all crave the picture-perfect lives we see on television. But, once we let go of “idyllic lives,” we are free to live authentic lives. We are able to speak truthfully in a way that connects us to other people. We become spiritual leaders, not followers.

It’s been said you should forgive others as quickly as you expect God to forgive you!

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