July 21.2014. – Don’t Underestimate Your Greatness by Josh Hinds

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As a whole I think there is a sad tendency in most of us to

underestimate just how powerful we are. Just how much

greatness lies inside each and every one of us – just

waiting to get out.

The reality is if you knew just how special you were – and

how much greatness went into making you the unique you that

you are I’m convinced you’d immediately know that nothing

can truly keep you from achieving what you want in life.

My friend, the journey is not always an easy one – very

little of lasting or true value is first paved with an easy

road. In fact, upon reflection we often find it’s during the

times which we believed to be most challenging that end up

eventually serving to make us better, and more prepared to

meet with success in our given endeavors.

What I’m suggesting is that the skills it takes to become

that which we desire to be are learned most often through

times of hardship or unrest. Certainly the good times and

study in self-improvement plays a part, but don’t discount

the importance of life’s challenges either. In the end all

parts of our life can be valuable teachers.

We need only accept that each event – positive or negative

can hold in it an opportunity to be made better for having

experienced it. Now that’s certainly not to say that we’re

going to find any sort of joy in each and every one of

life’s events – certainly not the negative ones anyway.

However, I believe it’s worthwhile to look for the lessons

that exist in both the good and bad in our lives. Being

careful not to dwell on the negative. Remember, there is a

huge difference between dwelling on – and simply learning

from and moving past something.

Always remember that your very presence is a gift to this

world. Honor the creator which gave you that gift by

developing and sharing your unique talents with the world.

More often than not you will find that you attract into your

life what you put out.

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!

Written by Josh Hinds
And that’s today’s Warm and Fuzzy
Written by Josh Hinds

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