Chasing Tigers – August 3.2012

There’s an old Zen story that speaks to the value of life’s hardships:
A man was walking through a field when a tiger sprang at him from the brush and began to chase him. THe man ran for his life but was no match for the tiger and, in desperation, he jumped off the cliff at the edge of the field to escape certain death. As he jumped, he happened to catch
hold of a vine that kept him dangling against the cliff wall a hundred feet above the ground below.
When he looked up, he saw that the tiger was prowling at the edge of the cliff ten feet above him, and when he looked down, he saw that there was another tiger waiting below. He held on as hard as he could, praying that he could wait them both out. TO make matters worse, he spotted two little mice gnawing at the vine that held him and he knew that it could break at any time. Just then, he saw a single strawberry growing out of a crevice in the sie of the cliff just within his reach. Hanging on with one hand, he reached out and picked the strawberry and ate it. Never had anything tasted so sweet.
This story reveals a secret…if you want to really live with purpose, you must understand the value of the tigers. The beauty, joy and sweetness of life symbolized by the strawberry are always there to be noticed and enjoyed, but without the crisis represented by the tigers, we would most likely fail to value it. Learning to see the value of life’s strawberries is common sense. Learning to see the value of life’s tigers is true wisdom. Begin to consider that tigers and strawberries are really what life’s all about -.
Excerpt from “The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit” by Azim Khamisa & Jillian Quinn

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