May 4.2015 – Losing Your Marbles By Darren Poke

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There was once a middle-aged man who felt that he was wasting his life and career.

Days and weeks seemed to merge into each other and time was fast slipping away. The dreams and aspirations of the man seemed a distant memory and he was determined to do something about it.

He went to the local store and bought a large glass bowl and a few bags of marbles. He sat down and worked out how many Saturdays there were from that day to when he was due to retire and put that number of marbles into the bowl.

From then on, every Saturday the man would enter his study where the bowl was and remove a single marble.

He would place the marble in the palm of his hand, reflect on the week and ask himself a few questions:
•What did I do with this week?
•What did I learn?
•How did I add value to those around me?
•Did I take actions that got me closer to my goals?
•How did I allow God to use me?
•Was this week valuable or just a waste of time?

Then, he would look to the next week and ask himself:
•How can I make the most of the week ahead?
•Who do I need to assist?
•What am I looking forward to tackling?
•What do I need to do first?
•What am I afraid of and how can I do it anyway?
•How can I use my skills, passions and experience to be of service to God and the world?

He then disposed of the marble as a reminder that he only had a certain amount of time left so he shouldn’t waste a moment of it.

We don’t know how long we have left, but we all have a figurative bowl full of marbles that is slowly receding.

Time moves so quickly and it’s easy for us to squander the opportunities that we get to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Are you making the most of your life?

Or are you just losing your marbles from week to week with nothing to show for it?

It’s not too late to take charge and decide on a course of action that will increase your capability, influence and impact.

So what’s stopping you?
Written by Darren Poke
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