May 18.2015 – Things That Matter By Greg Hickman

Mama Jaymes used to always tell me, when I was seeking her advice, to “Stay focused, Baby Girl! Stay focused!” I admit, I miss hearing her say those words. While I was researching for Warm and Fuzzy’s I came across this one and that “focus” theme is sort of what resonated to me from reading these words. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me! Take care of you~Robynn

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There are things that really matter in life; things that mean more to us than anything else on earth. Our family, faith and friends would certainly top the list, along with our principles and core beliefs. These very special things, these very special people are our most priceless possessions. And we hold them very close to our hearts.

They are truly what matters most in life.

Yet day after day, we spend untold time and energy on things that don’t really matter. We get bogged down in insignificant issues, engage in pointless pursuits. We become preoccupied with trivial matters, sidetracked by minor problems. This endless parade of meaningless distractions can steal our focus and sap our momentum. And cause us to miss out on some of best things life has to offer.

Each hour, minute and second we spend on things that do not matter is time we can never get back, time we can never recapture. Time that could be better spent with people we love and care about. Time we could use to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Precious, irreplaceable moments that could really make a difference.

Time needlessly frittered away.

There are always going to be people and things that disrupt us, distract us and tear us away from what we truly cherish, People who offend us, anger and irritate us. Situations that undermine, unravel, and upset us. We know we shouldn’t let them get to us, but they invariably do. And we end up buried neck deep in things that do not matter.

Why do we spend so much time on things that do not really matter? And so little time on things that do? When it comes to making the most of our time and our talents, why do we often do just the opposite?

Maybe it’s human nature. Maybe it’s something else. Who knows? However, I do know this: if it’s not integral to our success, if it doesnt move us in the direction of our dreams, if it doesn’t bring happiness and harmony to our lives, it probably doesn’t matter.

We need to stop making a big deal over things that aren’t, stop getting all caught up in things that don’t count. And zero in on the things that can make our lives better, richer and more rewarding. Simply put, we must fight the battles that matter. And walk away from the battles that don’t.

You should never waste your time on people and things that keep you from getting where you need to go. If you constantly squander your resources on unproductive pursuits, there will be nothing left in the tank when something meaningful comes along.

Hey, if the reward isn’t there, it isn’t worth the fight. Besides, you’ve got all sorts of things that matter to you. And that’s precisely where you should be directing all of your time and energy. On the things that make you happy, on the things that hold special meaning in your life, on the things that make your life truly worth living.

The Bottom Line: Make sure to make each and every moment matter.

Author: Greg Hickman

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