May 7.2014 – The Story Behind “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride

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Matraca Berg talked to The Boot about ‘Wild Angels,’ the 1996 No. 1 hit for Martina McBride, which she co-wrote with Gary Harrison and Harry Stinson.

I started it with Harry. I don’t know what we were smoking that day, but it was a very lofty kind of poetic lyric. I heard it last year and thought, “What was I thinking?” We demoed it, and every time Pat [Higdon, my publisher] would play it for somebody, they would say, “What does this mean?”

I knew that the lyric was off, but they loved the music, they loved the title. I’m not real good at rewrites. Once something’s done, I’m done with it. So we brought Gary in for the rewrite, and it was just so simple. [He said], “You say ‘wild angels, wild angels’ — what’s this other thing, ‘blue horses’?” And after we got that figured out, Martina snatched it up. Gary gave me an epiphany with that song: Get them a good kick-ass chorus, and you can write whatever you want to in the verses.

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McBride’s daughter, Delaney, who was a baby at the time, can be heard laughing in the song’s intro.

The song reached Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts, giving McBride her first Number One hit on that chart March 2.1996.

LYRICS: Written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison and Harry Stinson.
Between the perfect world and the bottom line
Keeping love alive in these troubles times
It’s a miracle in itself
And we know too well what that’s about
Still we made it through, only God knows how
We must’ve had a little help
Must’ve been

Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be

Well it must’ve been hard, it must’ve been tough
Keeping up with crazy fools like us
‘Cause it’s so easy to fall apart
And we still break each other’s heart sometimes
Spend some nights on the jagged side
Somehow we wake up in each other’s arms
Must’ve been

Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be

There are some nights
I watch you while you dream
I swear I hear the sound of beating wings

Must’ve been
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be
Wild Angels

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