August 12.2015 – Story Behind “Wave On Wave” by Pat Green

You came upon me wave on wave

“Wave on Wave” is a song co-written and recorded by Pat Green David Neuhauser and Justin Pollard.

“Wave On Wave” was released in May 2003 as the first single and title track from his album Wave on Wave. It reached #3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in the United States, and peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100. It became Pat’s first and, to date, only Top 10 hit. The song was written by Green,

“Wave on Wave” was named Country Song of the Year by the songwriting organization, Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) in 2003.

In addition, it was honored by Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), also a songwriter’s organization, for one million spins on radio.

“Wave on Wave” was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 2004 for Best Country Song.[

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LYRICS: Written by Pat Green, David Neuhauser and Justin Pollard.

Mile upon mile, got no direction.

We’re all playin’ the same game.

We’re all lookin’ for redemption.

Just to pray, to say the name.

So caught up now in pretendin’

That what we’re seekin’ is the truth.

I’m just lookin’ for a happy endin’.

All I’m lookin’ for is you.


You came upon me, wave on wave.

You’re the reason I’m still here, yeah.

Am I the one you were sent to save?

You came upon me, wave on wave.

I wandered out into the water,

An’ I thought that I might drown.

I don’t know what I was after,

Just know I was goin’ down.

And that’s when she found me.

Not afraid anymore.

She said: “You know, I always had you, baby.

“Just waitin’ for you to find what you were lookin’ for.”


Wave on wave.

Wave on wave.


The clouds broke and the angels cried:

“You ain’t gotta wipe the floor.”

That’s why it put me in your hands.

When it came upon me wave on wave.

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4 thoughts on “August 12.2015 – Story Behind “Wave On Wave” by Pat Green

  1. Jim Briggs

    I’m pretty sure it’s “You ain’t gotta walk alone” not “You ain’t gotta wipe the floor.” The latter makes no sense in the context of the song.

  2. Ed

    WHO transcribes these lyrics???

    clearly it is….

    You ain’t gotta walk alone ….& .that’s why he put me in your wake.

  3. Anonymous

    Wipe the floor? 😂😂😂 👎 no

  4. Anonymous

    Where’s the story behind the song?

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