January 30.2015 – Story Behind The Song “She’s In Love With The Boy” by Trisha Yearwood


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This ballad tells the tale of a small town teenage couple named Katie and Tommy who want to get married. Penned by Jon Ims (Rebs McEntire’s “Fallin’ Out of Love”), it was recorded by Trisha Yearwood and released as the lead single from her self-titled debut album. The song became the first of five #1s on the country chart for the singer.

Yearwood re-recorded the tune 24-years later for her PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit compilation album. The singer admitted to USA Today that the song sounds different due to changes in her voice. “I definitely had to channel the 26-year-old Trisha for ‘She’s in Love With the Boy,'” she said. “I think my voice is just, it sounds more mature to me. It sounds like it’s a little fuller, a little deeper, and I like it. I like it now, better. I don’t know when it starts to go the other way, you know, but right now I really like where it is.”

When this reached #1, Yearwood became the first female singer to top the country charts with her debut single.

Katie’s sittin’ on her old front porch
Watchin’ the chickens peck the ground
There ain’t a whole lot goin’ on tonight
In this one horse town
Over yonder comin’ up the road
In a beat up Chevy truck
Her boyfriend Tommy is laying on the horn
Splashing through the mud and the muck

Her daddy say’s he ain’t worth a lick
When it comes to brains
He got the short end of the stick
But Katie’s young and man she just don’t care
She’d follow Tommy anywhere
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
And even if they have to run away
She’s gonna marry that boy someday

Katie and Tommy at the drive in movie
Parked in the very last row
They’re to busy holding on to one another
To even care about the show
Later on outside the Tasty Freeze
Tommy slips something on her hand
He says my high school ring will have to do
‘Till I can buy a wedding band


Her Daddy’s waitin up ’till half past twelve
When they come sneakin’ up the walk
He says young lady get on up to your room
While me and junior have a talk
Momma breaks in says don’t lose your temper
It wasn’t very long ago
You yourself was just a hay seed plow boy
Who didn’t have a row to how

My daddy said you wasn’t worth a lick
When it came to brains you got the short of the stick
But he was wrong and honey you are too
Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
What’s meant to be will always find a way
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
She’s in love with the boy
What’s meant to be will always find a way
She’s gonna marry that boy someday

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