Today The Sun Is Shinin’ On Me! – August 18.2012

You know those days that come along that are just perfect? Yeah, that was yesterday. It was such an awesome day from sunrise to sunset.

I was up early, about 5a.m. and I was watching the sun rise over the Roanoke Valley on the drive in to Star Country. There really is something so special about living here in the mountains.

When I got to the station there were about 75 people already standing in line to buy their Pajama jam tickets. The first two in line were guys and they got here at 11:45p.m. the night before! They wanted to make sure they got tickets for their ladies. Now those are some good guys!

I was so excited to see everyone and got a hug from each and everyone. There are not too many days that I can start with 75 hugs…okay, I’ve never started a day like that before! It was very special and very cool. I am liking “hug therapy!”

I got to talk with Tim Ciesco from WSLS on the morning news on channel 10 and then we did a “live shot” for Bob Grebe on the FOX 21/27 Morning News. It was so fun to talk to Tim about the upcoming Pajama Jam and all the excitment around it. This is the 9th year the Jam has sold out in under an hour.

I spent some time on the air with Brett Sharp and Boomer and that makes me laugh. Brett does something silly, Boomer rolls his eyes and I just laugh.  While I was sick I didn’t start too many days laughing so it is good to do that again!

I followed the hour with Brett & Boomer doing my solo shift on Star Country. I love being back on the air and playing music for everyone. It is just such a privilege to be on the radio and I really appreciate that you all listen in!

I realize that I may come off as really sappy now. I’ve been on an extraordinary journey since last October and I have a new appreciation for everything in life. I don’t want to miss a thing, do you know what I mean?

Last night I went out to the ballpark and had a blast. Star Country’s Brian Mo was the MC of all the contests and he gave me a shout out from the field. It was really special to hear the whoot-whoot’s. That was my first big outing in almost a year. The night was beautiful and that ballpark is just the perfect place to sit and watch the sun go down. The Red Sox won the game in a big way, 12 runs! And the night ended with the best fireworks I think I’ve ever seen.

So yes, I got to see the sunrise and the sunset and everything in between was just a blessing. That is how life feels for me now. I hope you have an awesome day today – and don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses, as my Grandma used to say. I finally understand what she meant.

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About Robynn

Robynn Jaymes has spent her whole life in radio… 30 years!! And almost half of them have been at Star Country. Originally from Cincinnati, Robynn came to the area as a Liberty University student. Along with all things country music, Robynn is a big fan of Football!—The Virginia Tech Hokies, The Washington Redskins and, of course, the Cincinnati Bengals. And also, “I’m addicted to the Weather Channel,” she says. Right now, Robynn is a big fan if the music coming from Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney! Robynn is also a winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year award. Hear all new Warm & Fuzzies with Robynn M-F at 11:45AM!

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