March 27.2014 – If It Weren’t For Bad Luck I’d Have No Luck At All

I’m out of sync with the universe.
It happens.
You know what I’m talking about. I hit the snooze button this morning, well, I thought I did. I actually turned the alarm
off! I did wake up in time to scramble to the shower and as I am jumping in, the water is cold!
I can’t find matching socks and I keep dropping everything!
I pour coffee on my cereal and put milk in my coffee go-cup!
I drop the keys 5 times on the way to the car. I had the wrong keys.
I drive like a paranoid little-old-lady to work because I’m afraid of what might happen next!
I make it in to work safely and then here comes a new set of challenges.
I push the wrong buttons twice. You know it if you heard it. Two things playing on the radio at once. Yeah, that’s
not cool. And then I can’t talk. I called the Warm and Fuzzy the “warm and spuzzy”. I’m not even going to admit
to what I accidently called Sun Tan City. Let’s just say the guys here aren’t letting me live it down!
Daddy used to call these kind of days “an accident looking for a place to happen!”
Sheesh. I really hope my mo-jo turns around quickly. In the meantime, do you have a rabbit’s foot you could loan
me just in case?

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About Robynn

Robynn Jaymes has spent her whole life in radio… 30 years!! And almost half of them have been at Star Country. Originally from Cincinnati, Robynn came to the area as a Liberty University student. Along with all things country music, Robynn is a big fan of Football!—The Virginia Tech Hokies, The Washington Redskins and, of course, the Cincinnati Bengals. And also, “I’m addicted to the Weather Channel,” she says. Right now, Robynn is a big fan if the music coming from Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney! Robynn is also a winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year award. Hear all new Warm & Fuzzies with Robynn M-F at 11:45AM!

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