Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye – November 9.2012

It’s difficult not to think of the past year and difficult to think of the past year, all the same.
I’ve been back to work 3 months now, still recovering from severe-acute-pancreatitis. It defines me and yet it doesn’t. It has made a significant difference in my life. My life has changed dramatically since the onset of this illness October 7.2011.
This week I have been so aware and thankful for my blessings. I expect this Thanksgiving my heart will near burst with gratefulness. It’s good just to still be here.
A year ago this week I had just finished 28 days in the hospital. That is staggering for me to write. It was only the beginning of a frightening journey.
I had my first feeding tube put in on October 30th – through my nose. That was a horrible experience worse than any scary movie I could have watched. Days later they replaced that feeding tube with one surgically implanted in my abdomen. My pancreas was such a mess that had trouble placing it. Crazy.
After that I wasn’t allowed to take full showers any more. I never realized how much I would miss feeling the water on my face but I did. And this week, almost every morning, I have thanked God for the opportunity to take a full shower and feel that water. It’s the little things and the big things I have come to really appreciate.
I was having lunch with friends yesterday and I said, I probably sound like some kind of thankfulness nut now! But maybe that was what the lesson is supposed to be. Don’t take things, family, friends, life for granted.
I’m still getting better, a little each day and I have a ways to go. But I am a lifetime of experiences away from where I was. Each day is a celebration now and it feels good to just smile at people and see them smile back. Again, those simple things.
Here’s hoping you notice some of life’s simple pleasures today. I know I sure am.

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