June 26.2015 – Quote Of The Day!


“The greatest battle is not physical but psychological. The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good. They must always be answered by the quiet, the steady dignity that simply refuses to give in. Courage. We all suffer. Keep going.”

I came across the above quote today, when I was actually looking for a quote to go with today’s Warm and Fuzzy.
But I liked it so much, I wanted it to be the stand alone quote on today’s blog page. I find so much power and inspiration in words, don’t you?

Speaking of that, I am speaking tonight at the Giles Country Relay For Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. It is such a privilege to be a part of this “quiet” time during the 22 hour celebration. I think it is the second most poignant moment, next to the cancer Survivor’s lap, when all those Survivor’s walk around that lap hand in hand, or hands in the air, or however they celebrate and get that lap done!

I am drawn to the American Cancer Society and cancer events because I have lost way too many loved one’s to this disease. I’ve lost my Daddy and Mama, and then a long list that includes aunts, uncles, grandpa…it’s heartbreaking, really.

And over the years, I have become friends with those in the fight that have battled and lost to this disease and they have left their mark on my life.

So, as often as not if I am well enough and have been asked or made aware of it, I will do my best to show my support to Cancer Awareness events throughout the state.

Giles County, per capita has had an unusually high number of cancer-diagnosed patients. And this is not a large
community by any means but they team together to help each other fight back and survive. And they celebrate their Survivors!

I believe in hope, and that is because of places and people like those in Giles. They keep me going when I find
those days that I feel especially tired or beaten down. When the demon’s come calling to quit… I think of Giles County. I can’t give up. We all suffer. Time to keep going. Maybe I will see you tonight? ~Robynn

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