Bloggin’ Procrastination – June 3.2011

I recently heard a colleague comment about infrequent bloggers and what is the point if you aren’t going to be consistent! I thought to myself, “hmm. That’s me, and it’s true.!” Now, whether it was actually meant for me to hear, I can’t say for sure. But I did take the idea to heart.

So, my promise to myself is that I will do my best to clear the cob-webs from my brain and the sleepers in my eyes and pledge to be more consistent. I love having a plan.

Working the morning show means getting up earlier than most and definitely before the sun rises. It also means going to bed earlier than most – and in these months, spring and summer, it sometimes means going to bed when it is still daylight. I can’t begin to explain how disturbing that is!

I am painfully all too familiar with insomnia. And I started asking around to some of my counterparts at Star Countries sister radio stations (after all, it is a family of sorts) about whether they suffer from this malady as well. I heard a resounding “Yes!” But when it came to finding a cure, well, everyone

Has their own remedies.

I’ve heard about the natural remedy, melatonin and its benefits. Unfortunately that one doesn’t always work for me.

There is always the sheep counting one, which only makes me think about Serta mattresses and then a host of other confusing images come to mind, so I don’t do that one anymore!

If I take something like Tylenol or Advil PM, I actually wake up and stagger like some sort of drunk! I run in to walls, doors and if I am lucky, I wake up as the shower is running on my head. Of course I look around and wonder how I actually made it to the shower! Worse, sometimes I am actually sitting in my car in the driveway!

Last night it was well after midnight before I feel asleep and if you have ever suffered from insomnia, you will understand this next series of thoughts all too well. ..”If I fall asleep now, I will still get 4 ½ hours of sleep!” …”If I fall asleep now, I will get 4 hours of sleep!” …”If I fall asleep now, what is the stinkin point?!

Once I reach that last stage, I start planning my caffeine strategy for the day.

As soon as I stagger from my bed about 4:45 a.m., (and that is sleeping in)

I will start with a shot or two of Diet Coke. As soon as possible after that is a cup of joe. It’s a cold-hot thing. I have to have the cold first and then the hot, yeah, I don’t know why.

Then, if it is one of those 4 hours or less nights, I start thinking about a Red Bull light. I try not to do this too often because you can become addicted, you know! (Insert a sarcastic smirk here.)

Up next in the “how the heck do I stay awake and sound like it to”, is this nasty energy gum a friend introduced me too! It says it is Slammin’ Citrus, but honestly, it does indeed taste like pure caffeine!

About now, it’s 6:30 a.m. and there will be an additional diet coke and cup of coffee in there, again, if it is a 4 hour or less-sleep night.

By 7, I am pinging off the walls and Brett asks me if I have been “dippin in the Kool-aid!” I just smile. And talk really fast.

As my shift comes to a close at noon today, I will start fading and my thoughts will be of an afternoon nap. And then, when I actually do make it to my couch and lay my head down on that pillow, I twitch from all the caffeine still streaming through my veins.

Sigh. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Robynn Jaymes has spent her whole life in radio… 30 years!! And almost half of them have been at Star Country. Originally from Cincinnati, Robynn came to the area as a Liberty University student. Along with all things country music, Robynn is a big fan of Football!—The Virginia Tech Hokies, The Washington Redskins and, of course, the Cincinnati Bengals. And also, “I’m addicted to the Weather Channel,” she says. Right now, Robynn is a big fan if the music coming from Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney! Robynn is also a winner of the Billboard Air Personality of the Year award. Hear all new Warm & Fuzzies with Robynn M-F at 11:45AM!

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